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Montgomery, TX


DL Meacham


At the entrance to The Crest, there is a rather unique neighborhood identity monument with an elaborate illuminated sculptural feature.

The sculptural form is comprised of a few different structures, the largest of which is a “ribbon-like” element. Extending along the face of the curved stone wall, the ribbon curves upward following a cut-out in the masonry and arches over and transitions to the backside of the wall. The interior face of the portion of the structure that arches over the wall is lined with custom perforated paneling that is internally illuminated. The sections of ribbon attached to the front and back faces of the wall are fabricated with tapering edges, sloping faces and angled ends to simulate a sense of twisting.

Attached to an angled support pole in the space created under the arch are 2crescent moon like shapes. The largest of the two is 7 and half feet in diameter and the smaller is 4 and half feet. Each crescent is set at a different angle and the interior faces are custom perforated panels that are internally illuminated to match the arch.

The entire sculptural feature is fabricated from aluminum and is painted to match corten steel.

On the shorter, remaining portion of the wall is a set of halo-illuminated channel letters, painted to match the sculpture.

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