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Montgomery, TX


DL Meacham


We fabricated and installed several custom sign solutions throughout the Pine Market retail center to identify and Brand the location.

On the north and south corners of the property along Fish Creek Thoroughfare are long curved feature walls. Each wall has a fabricated aluminum cabinet that follows the radius of the feature and wraps around one end to the backside of the monument. The cabinets are internally illuminated with acrylic push-through copy and graphics and painted with a specialized technique to match oiled and pickled steel. Wrapping over the wall are individually constructed accents, painted to match weathering steel. Along the remainder of the wall is a tile band for which we installed an aluminum accent with LED edge lighting.

At the entrance to the retail center is the 26-foot-tall main monument. We fabricated the structural frame supporting the masonry, an illuminated sign cabinet with push-through graphics that wraps around one side to both faces, and vertical accent bands that pass over the monument. On the stone veneer portion of the sign are custom fabricated, halo-illuminated channel letters. Along the inside edge of the tile is LED accent lighting extending the height of the monument.

At the back corner of the property is a 6-foot-tall fabricated, internally illuminated cube with large format, acrylic push-through logos.

At key locations within the development are free-standing vehicular directional signs. Each has individual vertical support tubes with a message panel that wraps to one side with reflective vinyl graphics.

Throughout the property are custom built traffic signs with masked and painted street name panels with reflective vinyl logos and letters.

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