Project Profile


Clark Condon


Willis, TX


Millis Development


At the main entry, we fabricated 2 irregularly shaped monuments. Both sign cabinets have an angled top and a sloped backed forming a unique quadrilateral shape with the bottoms angled to fit a triangular masonry base. Both cabinets have reverse cut logos in the face, cut out graphics and patterns on the vertical side, and are internally illuminated with programmable RGB LEDs. For each base, we fabricated custom, halo-illuminated channel letter logos. We built a similar monument for the secondary entrance (not pictured below).

Throughout the community, we built several monuments marking the entrances to the individual neighborhoods. Each monument consists of an internally illuminated cabinet with reverse cut letters on each face with a cutout pattern on one end. Similar to the main entry monuments, there are halo-illuminated channel letter logos on the stone base.

At the Activity Center, we fabricated an identity monument similar to the neighbor markers, although larger, that is internally illuminated with reverse cut graphics (not pictured below).

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