Project Profile


Kudela & Weinheimer


Katy, TX


DL Meacham


We worked on 2 separate elements at the entrance to the community.

For the water feature on the east side of the entry, we fabricated custom large scale, 4-foot-tall fully enclosed letterforms. The individual letters are supported from the bottom by an aluminum armature anchored to the concrete apron of the retaining wall. Just behind the letterforms at the transition from the upper pond to the lower pond, we manufactured a 40-foot-long weir wall with lip to allow water to flow smoothly from one pond to the other. Along the edges of the lower pond, we produced tapered weathering steel veneer for the 78-foot plus, curved retaining walls.

At the corner of the entrance, we manufactured a 4-foot-tall by 20 foot long, half inch-thick weathering steel sign panel with 2-inch-deep fabricated channel letters.

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