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Montgomery, TX


Landscape Art


We fabricated a variety of signage and graphics solutions for the park facilities building.

The showpiece of the project is a custom built, illuminated sculptural rose with overall dimensions of 7 feet high and almost 7 feet wide. The feature has 6 different sized petals, layered one on top of anther with each set and varying angles for an enhanced sense of 3-dimensionality. Each petal has an aluminum frame and fabricated pan that holds a translucent 3Form lens that is edge-lit with LEDs. The metal portion of the sculpture is painted with a special technique to match weathering steel.

On the same side of the building as the rose feature, is a set of halo-illuminated channel letters also painted to match weathered steel.

Around the corner on the south side of the building is a recessed graphics panel and several dimensional butterfly forms. The recessed panel has the park rules masked and painted on the lower section with a high pressure laminated map graphics panel just above it. The top section has reverse cut and backed butterfly shapes. There are 2 different sizes of dimensional butterflies, both of which are break-formed 1/8-inch aluminum, attached to the wall in a random pattern.

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